Linda’s Message

To Future Earheart Patients:

When Earheart first started, I knew all of the patients, but as we approach several thousand new patients, I no longer have that privilege. Still, there are some things I want you to know, about me and about Earheart.

I have personally coached over 1,000 Earheart patients, and supervised treatment of thousands. Earheart is truly different. People lose weight, their shape changes beautifully, and their bodies begin to work differently. There are no published clinical studies at Earheart, just a team of health care professionals delivering a patent-pending, one of a kind treatment that really works - because it is not a diet.

How do we prove it works? From the results of our patients, changes in health, significant weight loss, and the ability to control ones weight in the future. Weight loss can lower blood pressure, we all know that. but I have found no other treatment where blood pressure is reduced after minimal weight loss, 10 - 15 pounds, in just 10 - 14 days, so dramatically, patients must reduce or even stop taking medication they have needed for years. Earheart is different, and results are extraordinary.

At Earheart, we know health is changed. Frequently, hypertension is put in remission in just a few weeks, and some only get great reductions in dosages. All are improved. Earheart has like results with diabetics, high cholesterol and triglycerides, and the insulin resistant pre-diabetic. At Earheart, we know health is changed. Earheart is different.

Obesity is a disease, and I personally believe it is not caused by over-eating or lack of exercise. If so, why do some of us have a metabolism that allows us to overeat and not exercise I personally believe obesity is a result of something wrong with our metabolism, and it comes with insulin resistance, high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides.

These are my pictures. I lost 30 pounds in six weeks in 2009, and have not gained it back. That was amazing to me, because I am the world’s worse dieter and I am terrible at exercising regularly. Until I was 50 years old, I never had to diet. I could eat anything, and if I gained a pound or two, I could skip a dessert and go back to my normal weight. Over the years, as I gained weight, I learned to dislike people like that - and if you are reading this, I bet you do, too. We all know those people, and it just doesn’t seem fair.

First, I lost control of my life and then I lost control of my weight. At the time, I did not know they were related.

My name is Linda Finch, and I am best known for recreating and completing Amelia Earhart’s around-the-world flight in 1997. The flight was completed in the same make and model aircraft as Amelia flew, and incorporated an education program that was used by 2,200,000 children and 72,000 educators. More than 30 million visits to the World Flight website, in 1997, delivered Amelia message, “That we can and should dream big dreams. That there are no limits, except those we create, and we can accomplish our heart’s desires.” The flight was part of my happy, useful, and skinny life. I had always set goals, and worked hard to meet them. I felt in control of my life. My weight was remained average without any effort.

Soon after the flight, I experienced two personal tragedies. My life changed overnight, and as I lost control of my life, I also lost control of my weight. I gained 50 pounds quickly, and was unable to lose it. I tried many things, from Nutri-system meals, pills from late night TV, doctors, various diets, bought exercise equipment I did not use, once even fasted for weeks, and always, tried to eat more healthy. Nothing worked. Even when I lost weight for a time, it would come back and bring more. My blood pressure and blood sugar went up. I did not understand why I could no longer control my weight. I fought it for 10 years with no success. Again, I did not understand that the problems new to my life, and the stress from those, changed my body - and I could not control my weight.

Society looks at people that are overweight, and thinks “what a pretty girl, if she would just exercise and eat better. That is what we are told every day, and it is simply not true. People who are overweight or clinically obese work harder at maintaining their weight that people with a healthy weight. It is not only what we “put in our mouths”. I ate fairly well, (I thought), to no avail. I have watched Earheart patients who have run 5 miles a day and eaten 1200 calories daily, not lose weight - until they came to Earheart.

I believed it was my fault - my own doing, and most of Earheart patients come to us believing the same thing. I was wrong. I eventually learned that my body was not working right, and the stress of my problems had changed my metabolism. I found that losing weight without the stress of very low calories, and with good support was the only answer. but the question remained, how to make it work.

better Health is better Weight Control

One of my favorite authors is Dr. Diana Schwarzbein. She tells us we have to be healthy to lose weight, why we gain weight, and why dieting doesn’t work. I read her book, I understood, but I could not do as she asked. Dr. Schwarzbein’s answer is to eat well and exercise moderately while creating better health, and after a year or more, one will begin to find a healthy weight.

I learned “why” from Dr. Schwarzbein and others, but none of them had an answer that was practical. I did not have the patience, self-control, or stamina to “eat perfectly for a year” before I saw results. I needed a better answer. I knew that better health is imperative for better weight control, but I just couldn’t do it their way.

Finding the Answer

I looked for the best diet, and only found that there was not one. I learned that 94% to 98% of all diets fail, and soon came to realize I was not the only one desperate for an answer. I was so frustrated, it affected every day of my life. I looked in the mirror, and could not understand what happened to my body. I studied the tools of weight loss, how our body works, and why we gain weight. I partnered with doctors to find a healthy way to lose weight, and discovered a combination of things that create a safe and healthy solution, one that is easy to do and has lasting results. Desperate for an answer, I combined a variety of health and weight loss modalities, and tried it. It is as though I was led to the answer. I still say today, that I believe God just dropped it on my head, because it is so simple, yet so extraordinary.

It works!

I lost 30 pounds in six weeks, without the ultra-low calories. I worked two jobs, had energy to spare, was never tired or hungry, and was able to return to a normal diet without my typical rebound weight gain. The process was easy. I could not eat cake or ice cream every day, but I could eat normally. When I gained a pound or two, I just ate better and it went away. It was a miracle to me. I looked better and felt better. I lost 10 pounds in 10 days, and a total of 30 pounds - in just six weeks. The success made it easier to keep dieting for the 6 weeks. I gained control of my weight, and found the success to begin to change my life.

The Earheart Healthy Weight Program

To share this discovery with others, I had to make the process easy, fast, and available to many. The ability to control one’s weight in the future was important. The answer is a new and unique combination of treatments using physician prescribed healthy meals, including cleansing, fiber, liver support, good elimination, and other supplements.

Does it work for all?

A resounding Yes! Linda operated a “Test Clinic” where doctors used Tele-medicine to assess, prescribe, and treat their patients. Over 18 months, more than 900 patients found the program easy, quick, and effective. Results were amazing.

The Mission

The Earheart Healthy Weight Loss Flagship Store, in Winston-Salem, N.C., is the beginning of the journey to change the face of weight loss across the U.S. To reduce obesity, Type II diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. As each patient finds personal success, they bring hope and help to family, friends, and community.

Our goal - To give people control of their weight and their health. Together we can make a difference.

The message from Linda’s around-the-world-flight rings true. We create the limits in our lives; and we alone have the power to release the limits we set. We have the power to change our lives. My grandson recently reminded me, “With faith and dedication, anyone’s life can continue to grow, in and after times of challenge, and we can all win the race”. No matter the problem, the challenge, or even the tragedy in our lives…

We can be stronger, climb higher, and bring real change to our world.

Join us today,
Linda Finch